Structural Repairs and Alteration

Done Right Remodeling is the expert in structural repairs and alterations. Have you noticed your floor sagging, wall bowing or a girder twisting? Done Right Remodeling is your answer to a safe and structurally sound home. We have 35 years of combined experience in all things structural.

Maintaining the integrity of your home’s structure is a high priority. Signs of structural damage are not always seen at a glance. Our team is trained to notice signs that structures may need repairs, such as an uneven floor,a door not closing properly, or windows getting stuck when they are closed. There are many solutions to fix structural problems. Some are more complicated than others and we are here to ensure that the repairs are done correctly and last the life of your home.

Done Right Remodeling has been working with a set team of architects and engineers to analyze and formulate procedures of any structural repairs or alterations.We have all the right tools and techniques to make sure every job is done right. An engineer’s report can be inexpensive but some of the best money spent when there is a question.

When having to address these issues in your home, most of the time you will need permits and inspections.If you need to file permits or set up inspections while working with our team, we can help make these processes as painless as possible. Our experts know the system and how to navigate it as smoothly as possible.