Long Island Kitchen Remodeling

Long Island Kitchen Remodeling

Have you ever gazed across your kitchen and thought “This kitchen could be designed a lot better and more efficiently!”  Is your kitchen too small?  Is there not enough cabinet space?  Does it just not flow efficiently?  If any of the answers to these questions are yes, for your Long Island kitchen, then its time to call the kitchen remodeling experts at Done Right Remodeling.

We are not only known to be the best kitchen remodeling company in Long Island, but we employ the most qualified professional team of efficient kitchen designers around. Done Right Remodeling has been serving the Long Island community for fifteen years. Our customer service is unsurpassed. We are squarely focused on delivering the highest quality service to all customers. We promise to assist you with any questions and concerns from the first phone call to the very end of your kitchen remodeling project.

Done Right Remodeling, in Long Island, builds the most comprehensive and gorgeous kitchens focused on efficiency and practicality. We know you may have design in mind for your beautiful new kitchen.  We will join forces with you and our expert designers to create the perfect kitchen, while taking into consideration your family needs. Not only does a kitchen need to be beautiful but it must be functional.  Our designers will create a functional, yet gorgeous new kitchen for everyone in the family to be able to spend more time with!  Making your life much easier.  Our main goal is to exceed all our customer’s expectations.

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​Quality is what you expect and that is exactly what we provide.  Our craftmanship and materials are top of the line for our customers remodeled or brand-new kitchen. One of our goals is to make you feel comfortable in your new remodeled kitchen, after all its the number one place in a home for all to share time with the family…

After our initial discussion, we give you a free proposal.  When you are ready we supply an itemized estimate of the entire plan and meet with you as often as you like before, during, and after construction. Whether your project is an entire redesign involving gutting the space, moving walls, laying new electrical and plumbing systems and installing custom, high-end furnishings, or a more straightforward venture with new appliances, refinished cabinetry and a mosaic backsplash, we collaborate closely with engineers, architects, designers and—most importantly—you, throughout all phases.

Whether you are looking for a small kitchen upgrade/remodel to a huge kitchen remodel, we we make sure you receive the kitchen you have dreamed of for years. From appliances and cabinets to work flow, we are committed to bringing your remodeled kitchen to life. Contact our Long Island kitchen remodeling specialists to receive your free quote and answer any questions you may have. (631)462-2668