Structural Repairs and Alteration Long Island

Structural Repairs and Alteration Long Island

Structural repair and alteration needs tend to develop from many different reasons, in Long Island homes and businesses.  Cracking, uneven floors, doors improperly closing, or stuck windows are typical signs that structural repair or alterations are required.  Done Right Remodeling is the foremost Long Island expert in structural repairs and alterations. The extent of the damage, to your Long Island home, can be determined by an extensive investigation by one of our highly experienced technicians.  Our technicians look for signs and indications of structural damage or problems, whether obvious or subtle.  Some of the signs we look for:

  • Visible evidence of exterior and interior distress such as cracks in brick, stucco, concrete, stone surfaces, wood siding and drywall surfaces
  • Foundation wall cracks
  • Foundation vertical offsets
  • Excessive floor deflections

Signs of material deterioration such as concrete reinforcing corrosion, steel member rusting and delamination, concrete spalls, masonry breaking apart and wood rot

Next, we determine the cause of the problem.  There are many causes that could create the problem.  We need to determine the cause or potential cause to make sure it is addressed or the signs above will reappear, which include:

  • Vertical foundation movement
  • Poor drainage and maintenance of waterproofing systems around the exterior structure
  • Major loading changes on the structure such as mechanical equipment, snow and wind
  • Damage caused by vehicle or equipment impact
  • Construction defects
  • Material issues or failures
  • Original design related issues

The structural repairs or alterations require specific procedures, tools and techniques to ensure the job is done right. Repairs may involve strengthening or upgrading existing structural capacity due to new loadings, alterations or improvement.  Done Right Remodeling’s extensive investigative, design background, and experience provides a strong foundation of reliability and dependability. Our repair services include, but not limited to:

  • Structural Analysis
  • Design of repairs
  • Strengthening
  • Alterations
  • Code Review
  • Construction Document Review
  • Project Management

Due to the size of Long Island structural repairs and alteration projects, repairs can require a wide variety of materials and detailed requirements. Complexity and complications are the norm.  Done Right Remodeling’s background and experience with analysis and design provides a strong knowledge foundation to suggest effective and reliable repair options and direction.

If you believe you may need structural repairs, contact Done Right Remodeling today and see how we can help! (631)462-2668