Insurance Claims Long Island

Insurance Claims Long Island

Living through a wind or hail storm can feel like living in a battlefield. Have you just experienced a property damage claim (fire, water, wind, hail, etc.) to your home? If so, you are probably wonder what do you do now?  Should you immediately begin cleaning up the incredible mess? Should you begin the repair process?  Questions and more questions are inundating your thoughts.  It’s very overwhelming.  That is where Done Right Remodeling can help.  We can answer these questions and give you the peace of mind that everything will be okay, with your Long Island home.  Remember, there are things that you must do after you have an insurance claim, and things that should not be done.  The policy spells out specific items that should be done and not be done, in the terms and conditions. Your failure to comply with the policy’s terms and conditions could result in your claim not being paid. Done Right Remodeling will help guide you through your claim, and hopefully make it a smooth process.

Done Right Remodeling is the Long Island industry expert in managing the insurance claim restoration process.  Our company professionals and staff are insurance and repair experts.  We completely understand the insurance process and policy limits/requirements, and we recognize what is needed to repair your home.  Leveraging our expertise and resources will result in your repair being handled quickly, efficiently, and to industry standards and code requirements.  With Done Right Remodeling, you receive the best of both worlds – Insurance and Repair Experts at your fingertips.

Here are a few things to do and not do after a storm:

Contact both your insurance company and Done Right Remodeling as soon as possible after the damage occurs.

  • Arrange a time for you, your spouse, a reputable contractor and the insurance adjuster to meet, in person at your home, to discuss the claim.
  • Maintain a copy of your homeowner’s insurance policy and carefully consider the coverage you need before purchase. Understanding your entitlements afforded by the policy is important.
  • Understand the manufacturer’s warranty on items such as gutters, roofing and siding are typically voided if you experience hail damage and do not have the affected portions of your home repaired or replaced.
  • When storm damage occurs, storm chasing contractors from all over the country begin going door to door trying to sign as much business as quickly as they can. Often disappearing the before work has been finished or perform a sub-par job that may not be evident until a couple years down the road when you have no way of contacting them again.
  • Do not accept the insurance adjuster’s initial offer without reviewing it to make sure it fully encompasses the scope of work. Done Right Remodeling will be happy to review it with you at that time.  You have the right to hire an independent adjuster and submit their findings.  Your Long Island home must be returned to its previous condition.
  • Do not feel forced to use a contractor referred to you by the insurance company.

If you’re not sure or overwhelmed with the process, call Done Right Remodeling and we can help relieve your stress.

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