Tub and Tile RE-Glazing Long Island

Tub and Tile RE-Glazing Long Island

The Long Island Tub and Tile Re-Glazing Professionals.

Do you have an ugly tub or cracked tile in your bathroom?  Is it time to make them look new again?

Done Right Remodeling is focused on making the bathroom in your home exactly like you want and desire and sometimes that means repairing or re-glazing your tub or tile.  We can make that old tub or tile look great again at a fraction of the cost of replacement. There is no need for removal because we can do the work right inside your home. Our service professionals will help you avoid the mess and high cost associated with replacement.

Long Island Tub Re-Glazing

Our Long Island tub re-glazing service costs a fraction of the cost associated with replacing your tub. Your re-glazed tub will once again possess the air of shiny and new, just like it did when it was first installed.  After we are done, you can care for it with cleaning products you can find in most stores.  There is minimal downtime and in just four short hours, your tub, sink or tile will be ready to use!

Tub Re-Glazing vs Replacement

Here are some of the reasons that choosing to improve your bathroom aesthetics with tub re-glazing services instead of purchasing a new one:


  • Expense: Buying a new tub is 8-9 times more expensive than bathtub resurfacing, and both options give you similar results. Our pricing is very affordable, and we often even run specials and coupons.
  • Time: While it only takes Tri-Star Refinishing 2-3 hours to give your tub a makeover, it often takes companies 2-3 weeks to install a new one.
  • Disturbance: Tub re-glazing doesn’t disturb the rest of your bathroom. However, when you install a new tub you often should deal with noise, re-plumbing problems, and the hassle of re-tiling projects.

Long Island Tile Re-Glazing and Repair

Do you have broken or cracked tiles? Why stop at just your tub when renovating your bathroom? Done Right Remodeling can take your existing wall tile and resurface it with a brand-new coating or even repair, replace broken or cracked tiles.  Change the color of your wall for a fresh new look, or match your current color to mask any discoloration. Resurfacing will make the tile easy to clean and eliminate the need to scrub grout lines. The big advantage to resurfacing your ceramic tile is the covering of grout lines, yet leaving them visible, eliminating mildew problems. You can change the color of your tile for the fraction of the cost of replacement. The typical drying time for tiles is 24 hours.  If your tiles need to be completely re-grouted, anticipate the process will take two days to complete due to the drying time of the grout.

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