Long Island Bathroom Remodeling

Long Island Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, its typically for one of two reasons, either your bathroom is older and is less for wear or the current design is not working for you.  Either way, the company you hire should be honest, trustworthy, on-time, and affordably priced.  Done Right Remodeling is not like the other companies you’ve dealt with.  Our professionals are quiet, respectful, honest and clean and our pricing is competitive and our customer service is well-known. At Done Right Remodeling, we’ve proudly served Long Island for fifteen years.

Curious about Bathroom Remodeling Costs? And, time frames?

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Not All Bathroom Remodels are Quick and Easy, but Some Are!

Surprisingly, if you don’t need to relocate plumbing and move any walls, the cost will definitely be lower.   Employing us as your contractor and working within the framework of your existing bathroom, most customers can achieve stunning results with a complete budget-friendly bathroom remodel in a short amount of time. On the other hand, if your vision is a little more involved, that’s where Done Right Remodeling has the opportunity to show our creativity and expertise.  We love it if you have an image from a magazine or a specific design online that you absolutely must have.  We can make your dream a reality!  The same exact high-end design and finished product at a price point well below what you would pay an interior designer.  With your direction, or ideas, our skilled design team will put together the bathroom you’ve always wanted and desired.  We love and take pride in designing and remodeling bathrooms that turn out better than the homeowner ever dreamed of.

Dream bathroom remodels, in Long Island, only happen with coordination and communication.  We believe in regular communication with the customer, operating under strict attention to detail, and extraordinary coordination.  End of the day, if this happens, everyone is happy and the result will be amazing. We the experts in residential remodeling, therefore, either small or large, we’ve got it down to a science. Every aspect of your bathroom remodel is strategically planned before we ever step foot in your home to begin construction.

What to expect during your Long Island Bathroom Remodeling Project:

  • A detailed timeline before we begin work
  • Timely execution of the project plans.
  • If necessary, portable lavatories
  • Plastic-zippered wall enclosures over any involved doorways to keep dust and particles from spreading throughout your home
  • Protective measures to make sure hallways, doorways, stairs and any other miscellaneous surfaces are all protected so that when we leave, there will be no trace of a construction crew.
  • Experience, expert design, cutting-edge techniques.

These steps all lead to the confirmation you chose the right bathroom remodeling company.  Done Right Remodeling cares about quality and will followed all the proper guidelines and regulations to ensure your remodeling experience will be nothing less than top-notch.

Save yourself the headaches associated with “Big-Box” retailers and please do not consider dealing with a non-licensed contractor. Contact the “Professionals” at Done Right Remodeling today. Call (631)462-2668 for a complimentary consultation.