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1. Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Done Right Remodeling, Inc. offers the finest in quality home improvements on Long Island. Whether it’s bathroom renovations or adding a new extension, Done Right has your answer to a more beautiful and comfortable home. From design to completion we have been making Long Islanders happy by offering high quality home solutions at affordable prices.

2. What’s one of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen people make during the bathroom design and remodel process?

Homeowners shop price. In this industry all pricing is relative. The way to manipulate pricing is to change 1) Quality of labor 2) Quality of material or 3) Scope. Homeowners tend not to understand the three key items they are paying for and in today’s market, they look for the lowest price. Little do they know that they have just sacrificed on one or more of the above.

3. What do you do to help homeowners avoid this mistake?

Get three proposals from three qualified contractors. A qualified contractor has an exemplary record with both the better business bureau and consumer affairs, have workman’s comp. and general liability insurance, is in business more than five years, and is an active members in the trade associations. There are 23k licensed contractors in Nassau and Suffolk county. There is no worthy licensing exam. The associations are what educate its members, providing continuing education and certifications. Go through all three proposals. Find out why the low guy is low, middle guy in the middle and high guy high. Get them down to an apples to apples comparison and choose the contractor you feel understands your needs and can work with you and your family the best.

4. What are the basic steps of a bathroom remodel? Which one is the most involved and why?

Done Right Remodeling Inc. Basic Bathroom Installation Procedures:

Complete demolition. Means everything goes right down to the studs. All insulation is removed. Any rot is repaired and removed. All exposed plumbing is removed including trap under floor for tub/shower.

2X4 framing is sistered up to square all walls. Metal angle is screwed into all corners that will be tiled to help prevent grout joints from opening. All new insulation is installed to code. Electric and plumbing is completed to code. Exhaust fans are installed using correct CFM calculations. All circuits in bathroom are GFI protected.

Bathroom is sheet rocked using ½ moisture resistant green board. ½” Dura Rock is installed in Tub/shower area using Dura Rock screws. Entire bathroom receives a rough coat of spackle under all tile work. All corners of shower/tub area are caulked and sealed with a water proofing membrane. Remainder of the room receives 3 coats spackle, one coat primer and two coats of bathroom paint.

Tar paper and lath are nailed to subfloor every 6-8 inches. 1.5 – 2” inches of mud is laid down as a level base for tile floor. Thin set is used based on the rating of the tile. Ceramic rated thin set cannot be used of porcelain tile or natural stone. Porcelain rated thin set is not always suitable for natural stone, ect. Tile is installed based on recommended installation instructions which vary tile spacing and patterns. All grout lines are sealed with tile and grout sealers.

All valves are replaced with 1/4 turn valves for easy operation. Toilets are set in plaster or excess grout. All fixtures are installed Bathroom is trimmed with architectural style moldings. All paint is completed. Room is broom swept and wiped clean and ready for use. Most important in the preparation of the gutted room.

5. What are the most helpful things that people can do at the beginning of a bathroom remodel?

I think it is important that home owners let the people they hire do their job. Every once in a while you have a homeowner that just can’t let people work without constantly looking over their shoulder. Could you imagine what that would be like in your own field. In this industry we have three things against us. 1) Imperfect people 2) Imperfect materials 3) imperfect environments. People make mistakes. Not all materials are manufactured perfectly, all rooms and not perfectly, level, square, and plumb. In the end we have to make everything look absolutely perfect and obviously within reason. Let the job run its course, they are going to be times to add input and speak with project managers about the build, but if you stand over the workers, people are going to make mistakes and even worse, not want to be on the project. 90% of the issues this type of customer has during the project will never been seen at the end let alone the end of the day.

6. What advice would you give a homeowner who wants to make the most of their budget for their bathroom remodel?

Don’t spend all your money on expensive fixtures and tile. Many homeowners today spend fortunes on their materials and have to go with the cheapest guy to install them. You can get a great bathroom without busting the bank on your materials. Even cost effective materials look great when installed properly. Notice I said “cost effective”, that doesn’t mean buy cheap Home Depot junk. Buy good American made products and reasonable prices.

7. What’s the best way for people to contact you and your company?

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